8:00 am Breakfast and Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am PANEL: Using AI and Robotics in Client Entity Resolution to Reduce Costs and Improve Effectiveness

  • Gautam Sachdev Managing Director - Global Head of Monitoring & Surveillance, Macquarie Group
  • Yariv Ten-Ami Head of Technology Strategy - Consumer Financial Crime Compliance, Goldman Sachs


• Cut through the noise of AI and robotics to gain actionable insights to improve your monitoring program
• Create a singular customer view to better identify criminal activity
• Reduce false positives by integrating multiple data sources
• Reduce your cost base by automating report generation
• Increase investigation effectiveness through technological upgrades

9:45 am Transcending Rules-Based Financial Monitoring for Increased Effectiveness in Tackling Money Laundering


• Improve your data cleansing/parsing and availability of all internal/external sources in a data lake to form a complete picture of clients and better tackle crimes
• Enhance your entity resolution to assign accurate risk to an institution’s relationships and transactions to minimize risk in correspondent banking
• Build your network generation to leverage entity resolution and visualize data effectively for investigation purposes
• Learn how features-based models quantifying risk in terms of available data sources (ie, all risks run against all data at once) can be used to tackle financial crime
• Optimize machine learning to identify features that are most effective in identifying risk

10:20 am Coffee and Speed Networking

10:50 am Taking a Risk-Based Approach to the Investigative Process – the 5 Steps

  • Lee Geier Director, Head of Monitoring & Investigations, Commerzbank


• Better prioritize your case load to focus on high probability actions
• Get insight into the 5 steps to becoming more efficient in your monitoring
• Understand how to better weight risk into your investigative process

11:20 am Case Study: Transforming AML From a Manual to an Automated Process Utilizing Increased Technological Deployment and Visualization Tools


• Better visualize SARs to improve case selection
• Minimize compliance costs by automating intensive processes
• Enhance your AML program through automated functions for efficiency gains

11:50 am Creating efficiency through policy & procedure to minimize compliance costs


  • “Free up” expert resources by centralizing the development and maintenance of policy documentation
  • Reduce audit risk exposure through the consolidation and consistency of policies and procedures
  • Optimize policies and procedures through credible challenge

12:15 pm Lunch and Networking

1:10 pm Case Study: eBay’s Path in Developing a TM System


• A different reality: Financial institutions now “play on all fields” and develop in-house technologies, in addition to purchasing out of the box solutions
• In AML you must get it right one the first try: Points to consider when evaluating in house solutions vs. out of the box systems as part of an AML program

1:40 pm How to Upgrade Your Monitoring Systems to Meet Business Cost Pressures and Ensure Compliance

  • Kai Schrimpf Global Head of Transaction Monitoring, Credit Suisse


• Understand how to manage the dual requirements of increased reporting burdens and downward compliance cost pressure to satisfy business leadership
• Draw a better client profile to understand large transactions and reduce false positives
• Tune your monitoring system so it is better calibrated to criminal behavior

2:10 pm Improving your monitoring processes to tackle criminal behaviors

  • Aaron Wolf Managing Director, Deputy Head of Anti-Financial Crime, Americas, Deutsche Bank


  • Better map out criminal behaviors to enhance your monitoring models to identify criminal behaviours
  • Get to grips with emerging threats to update your systems
  • Develop your AML methodologies to better tackle financial crime

2:40 pm Coffee and Networking

3:00 pm Advancing Transaction Monitoring to Inform the Investigative Process

  • Lester Joseph Manager, Global Financial Crimes Intelligence Group, Wells Fargo


• Understand how to condense monitoring data to better inform the investigative process
• Attain a higher success rate in investigations through developing your monitoring program
• Utilize multiple data sources to better target AML activity and ensure regulatory compliance

3:35 pm Utilizing Transaction Monitoring Upgrades to Inform FIU


• Improve interactions between your monitoring and FIU teams to reduce criminal activities
• Develop your flagging systems to become more efficient
• Become more effective in tackling emerging threats and mapping criminal behavior

4:05 pm Best Practice in Streamlining Transaction Monitoring to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs


• Hear a case study in how to streamline transaction monitoring to reduce your cost base
• Enhance your onboarding capabilities to tackle criminal threats early on
• Create a strong CFT Framework to ensure AML compliance

4:30 pm Audience Discussion – a Practical Guide to Reducing False Positives


• Share case study experiences in how to reduce resource-intensive false positives
• Ask speakers and colleagues questions to better develop your AML program
• Learn through interactive Q&A to take actionable insights back to the office

5:00 pm End of Conference Day One