Welcome to the Advancing Transaction Monitoring Summit

The Advancing Transaction Monitoring conference will help you reduce your compliance cost burden and meet regulatory reporting deadlines by upgrading your monitoring systems.

You will learn how to calibrate your systems to reduce false positives and cut through the noise of AI and robotics to immediately upgrade your systems.

Our 2-day program will deliver both depth in presentations from topic experts as well as interactive opportunities for audience discussions and networking breaks.

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Cut through the noise around AI & Robotics and implement a concrete plan of action to improve your monitoring program
  • Enhance your tuning & calibration process to continually reduce false positives
  • Improve your data sharing and management practices to enhance inter-institution investigative collaboration
  • Get behavioural insights on specific threats such as human trafficking and terror financing to better target your systems
  • Understand how to better inform financial criminal investigations to improve enforcement effectiveness

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